ABOUT FO•MO Prescription

Who’s behind this, anyway?

FOMO Prescription is young professionals, age 22-30, essential resource for helping fulfill their career, social, and health goals in Boston. Via FOMO Prescription events and the newsletter, young professionals can find resources that are essential to accomplish their goals and feel happy. Happiness is feeling significant in ones life and the true prescription to Fear of Missing Out.

In a world with infinite crappy events, greasy promoters, and information, FOMO Prescription provides a concise weekly email to start your week off right with the events you need. You should look forward to reaching your career, social, and health goals in Boston, not dread it.

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Meet the Prescriber

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A recovering CPA, I graduated from UMass Amherst and did stints in public accounting and currently work as an auditor in government accounting. I like going to food festivals and trying a smattering of difference cuisines, as well as an outrageous masquerade party. My other hobbies include skiing, squash, and photography. I like to create new events and refresh old event ideas with my other company called Kaplan Events.